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Booty Club Playa

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J-Bo It's Friday night, so what the hell is their to do? Sean Paul My fare lookin' shawt, done spent all my change Ain't even got. I guess I'll hit club Niggas and go and get a drank or two And who do I see at the end of the bar? It's that booty club playa, the same one without no car Spendin' his mad little ends on some ass and his friends And now the night begins as I hit the gentlemens And then after then, I'm a' go and head over to Magic City Where I can get slizzard some mo', and see alot mo' titties And bitties actin' shitty for somethin' they ain't got So look here shawty, it ain't no need you gettin' hot For as I take another shot, up on them rocks Now let me see dat' thang, as I proceed to blow the spot hook Sean Paul My fare lookin' shawt, done spent all my change Ain't even got. You'se just a booty club playa a break yourself pimp A hit the club, spend the dub ol' sucka-ass self x4. J-Bo Now once again, I go crunk off in the back Wit' my nigga Mark Twayne and Sean Paul off in the Lac' And now it's on the crack, and we actin', and cuttin' the fool For every benjamin that we spend ain't nothin' cool So I'm a' let you know, just in case you didn't know That them Attic Crew boys steppin' in just for the low And if you ain't wit' it, then deal wit' it, I gotsta go Cause we ain't bout' no games, and you can take that to the store.

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